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Published Quarterly                                 July 2011

“Nothing happens in the church until someone gives something. According to the Word, God did exactly that. God gave us grace, undeserved and unconditional love. God did not allow that offer to expire, but continues his covenant to give us grace, unendingly.” –Ed Krause


Dr. Al Winn grew up in Greenville, SC and is a retired pastor, former seminary president and moderator of the 1979 General Assembly. Dr. Winn wrote an article that I keep in my Bible about how we respond to the gifts God has given to us. First, we respond to God by giving – giving our time, our financial resources and our attention to following Christ. He feels our giving needs to be done on a regular or routine basis and not so much when we “feel like it” or the mood hits us. Secondly, we need to give in proportion to all that God has given to us. Dr. Winn writes: “What should we give towards God’s work for all the blessings we have received?” His third thought is about the priorities that govern our giving. Perhaps we could remember the old maxim: “God is first, others are second, and I’m third.” Lastly when we give to the church we are risking something because we believe in a God who is always creating something new (Rev. 21:5) and transforming each one of us throughout the day. Giving in an economic downturn feels counterintuitive; but for followers of Christ it is a worthy risk of faith. — Randy McSpadden


As hard as it is to believe, we are halfway through 2011. The giving for Van Wyck Presbyterian Church picked up in the second quarter. Previously, we were roughly $6,000 behind in giving. The deficit has almost erased through the gracious givers of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church who remember that giving is an opportunity for gratitude.

A special thanks to the very active Grounds and Maintenance Committee as they continue to work hard on several projects improving the campus of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church with little or no expense. The time and talents of the members of this committee continue to be a great example of “stewardship in action”.

— Stuart Graham, Stewardship Committee Chair


During the month of May, the Strengthening Committee sponsored, “The Easter Experience”, a study consisting of six videos. Approximately 12 to 15 folks attended the study each Sunday morning. Besides taking part in a very good study, this time together offered good time for fellowship. The Strengthening Committee would like to express our appreciation to those who attended and assisted with the study.

— Claudia Thompson and Julie Graham, Co-chairs


Our preschool chefs at Vacation Bible School

The 2011 VBS – “Shake It Up Café—Where Kids Carry Out God’s Recipe” held in June was a fun time for all. A big “Thank You” to everyone who helped make this Vacation Bible School a success.

— Ron Stephany and Pat Oglesby, Co-Chairs


The Worship Committee wishes to thank the Liturgists and Ushers/Greeters who have gratefully stepped forward for service during 2011. If you are interested in volunteering to serve as a Liturgist or Usher in the future, please let someone from the Worship Committee know.

— Janesta Williams, Chair


Committee members Mike Helms & Charles Moss, Co-Chairs; Tommy Broome; Sammy Dunlap; Jack Leedy; Richard Vaughan; and George Williams have undertaken the following projects for the second quarter of 2011:

* Replaced panels and trim around front entrance and painted doors

* Installed coat rack built and donated by Rob Johns in hallway at restrooms

* Installed carbon monoxide detectors

* Mulched around plants and shrubbery

Grounds & Maintenance hard at work.

* Contacted insurance company regarding hail damage to roof and obtained costs for replacement

* Contracted Eddie Hayes Tree Service to remove storm-damaged oak tree in front of church

* Completed new minister office and senior adult classroom

* Installed donated light fixture in senior adult classroom

* Installed donated area rug in vestibule

* Repaired one AC unit


I would like to thank the Presbyterian Men’s Group for assisting with the preparations for both the Easter Breakfast and Vacation Bible School. Their help in setting up the tables for use in the Fellowship Hall was invaluable as well as their assistance in preparing the grills for return to Claudia and George.

A special thank you to Claudia Thompson and George Williams for loaning the church their BBQ grills for the Sunday cookout, to Al Williams for transporting the grills to and from the church, and to Eloise Williams for coordinating the food and supplies for the cookout; and lastly, to “Head Chef” George Williams for enduring the heat while cooking the delicious hamburgers and hot dogs.

— Jay Teager, Chair


The Van Wyck Presbyterian Women concluded their 2010-2011 year in May with Shirley Cauthen teaching the last lesson on the Bible study in the Book of Revelation. Her knowledge and understanding of this Book was greatly appreciated by all. Taking the months of June, July and August off, we will begin our 2011-2012 year on Tuesday, September 20th with the Bible study of the Beatitudes in Matthew and Luke.

Our Presbyterian Women have been very involved with multiple functions throughout the life of our Church and community in the last several months.

* Our Easter morning breakfast was a success thanks to Bojangles and our ladies’ fine cooking. We had a good crowd and plenty to eat.

* We continue to support our infirmed nursing home friend who receives her monthly stipend in addition to a new pair of shoes and socks.

* Randy McSpadden’s mother embroidered a lovely needlework piece several years ago and we had it professionally cleaned and framed and will be hung in Randy’s office. It is a lovely piece and will be enjoyed by many.

* As always, several meals were taken to the infirmed or needy.

* An extra special luncheon was prepared for the Brunson family in memory of Eddie Brunson in July.

* On Tuesday July 19th, our group of 14 had dinner at Firebirds in Charlotte and we had a wonderful time. We do enjoy our fellowship time especially when we do not have to cook and clean!

Our door is always open for all Presbyterian women. We look forward to another year sharing the word of God in so many diverse ways.

— Rosa Sansbury, Moderator


Thank you Carol Johns and John Cauthen and the others that assisted in making the beautiful photo album a reality!


2011 General Fund Budget = $125,355.00

1ST Quarter (January – March) = 28,030.60

2ND Quarter (April – June) = 33,643.31

Total Received to Date = 61,673.91

Needed 26 weeks @ $2,410.00 = 62,660.00

Amount Needed to Meet Budget = $ 986.09

Building Fund

2011 Outstanding Pledges = $8,290.00

Pledges Received:

1st Quarter (January – March = 100.00

2nd Quarter (April – June) = 3,600.00

Outstanding Pledge Balance = $4,590.00

Miscellaneous Donations Received:

1st Quarter (January – March) = $1,800.00

2nd Quarter (April – June) = 6,865.00

Y-T-D Donations Received = $8,665.00

Building Fund Memorials Received:

1st Quarter (January – March) = $ 125.00

2nd Quarter (April – June) = 150.00

Y-T-D Memorials Received = $ 275.00

Special Offerings

One Great Hour of Sharing – $1,375.00

Our donations will enable the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) to continue to respond to those whose needs remain hidden from the world. In collaboration with international partners, PDA provides food, shelter, clean water, and other basic humanitarian needs to thousands of displaced families.

Mother’s Day Offering – $698.00

The donations received for the Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina included donations in honor of the mothers and fathers of our congregation by the Worship Committee. Our donations will go a long way in providing benevolent care to our older Presbyterian church members throughout the five locations across South Carolina. Church member Cecil Lee resides at the Clinton community and enjoys a wonderful life in a caring, worry-free surrounding.

Memorials/Honorariums/Special Donations Received (April – June)

Building Fund Memorials

In Memory of Marcene Bailey given by First Friday Friends

In Memory of Liz Boatwright given by Verlon M. Hutto

Choir Robe Fund

Special Donations given by: Don and Julia Willingham and Lance & Julie Cunnane

Choir Robe Fund Memorials

In Memory of C. B. Mathis given by: George and Eloise Williams

— Linda Vaughan, Treasurer

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