Thank You by Amanda

Thank you, VWPC, for your love and support.

— Amanda Stephany

Amanda, a life-long VWPC member, prayed for a baby. The adoption process was grueling. The wait was long. Her dream was answered when a beautiful baby girl, Caroline Ava, was put into her loving arms last December. And now, Amanda and her husband, Ron, have been blessed again – she is pregnant!

Q: How did your faith help you through the difficult times before Caroline came into your life?
A: I prayed a lot. It’s easier to put things that are out of your control into God’s hands. I had faith. God has a plan for you, and I knew it would all work out. Church every week is a reflection. It caused me to think. It was good and bad – painful in message and being around children, but it helped me work through what was going on.

Q: What is your adoption story?
A: I was home at lunch. I was making chicken tetrazzini for a family meal that night. I was going out the door to go back to work and our social worker, Angela, called. She said, “You know when you are packing things away for Christmas and you put away the tree and you find one last present under the tree? I have a present for you.” She told me about Caroline. She told me we could get her in Asheville the next day. We didn’t have anything, so Stuart and Julie brought their minivan full of baby stuff and helped us set up the nursery and put things together that night. It was weird waking up the next day, knowing we were going to pick up our daughter. I think we both cried all the way to Asheville. When she was put into my arms for the first time, Caroline’s eyes were closed and I looked down at her. It was a magic moment. It was surreal because of the way God’s plan unfolded for us. It was meant to be. All the time we spent dreaming and hoping, and it was emotional and exciting.

Q: In what ways did your church family love and support you?
A: There wasn’t a specific example, but I always knew I had everyone’s support. They were behind me. Randy was there for me when I needed him. Caroline was accepted with open arms into the church family. Everyone was as excited as I was. It was touching. Her baptism was like a dream come true after seeing other babies baptized in the church. We dreamed of having our own baby baptized in Van Wyck so it was special. It was a great spiritual day!

Q: Where are you with your faith right now?
A: The whole adoption process has really renewed my faith and made it stronger and deeper than it ever was before. I have more faith that God will take care of me and my family; I place some things on His shoulders to deal with; and I have faith in His plan. God continues to bless and surprise us. We are expecting a baby boy in January. I think it is justification that Caroline was meant to be our daughter, and God had a plan for us. There is no other explanation in my mind. This is what God wanted our lives to look like.

Q: When you describe VWPC to others, what do you say?
A: I say it is a small, close-knit community church. Everybody knows everybody and is extra supportive of one another.

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