Thank You by Jack

Thank you, VWPC, for giving me work and projects.

— Jack Leedy

Jack has great work ethic and doesn’t mind getting dirty. A member of VWPC since 2008, he naturally joined the Grounds and Maintenance Committee. He works in and around our historic buildings and grounds to fix, build and improve during his free time.

Jack Leedy enjoys working with the Grounds & Maintenance Committee.

Q: How did you become so handy? Have you always been a Mr. Fix-It?
A: I grew up on a dairy and grain farm. It was a working farm. My dad was a contractor before he was a farmer. On a farm, you fix everything yourself because you don’t have any money. I always fixed things. You could show me something once and it stuck in my head. I was in farming and HVAC my whole life. It’s all I’ve ever done. My dad quit farming in 1957. The price of milk was bad, and we had to go to a pipeline system. We milked and put the milk in cans. They were going to quit hauling cans. We sold the 40 cows, and Dad went back into contracting. I worked with him from 15 to 18, and quit 40 times. We didn’t always get along.

Q: Are you the type of person who always has a project?
A: Yes, I’ve always been like that. At the house, I’m going to build an arbor. It’s going to be cedar and have climbers on it. Before that, it was Carol’s shop. I built our house. I need to be busy. I need something to do or I would go nuts. It’s hard for me not to have something to do.

Q: Why do you like working on projects in and around VWPC?
A: It is stuff I can do. It is my contribution.

Q: What VWPC project was most satisfying for you to complete? Why?
A: Randy’s office because it looks good and they needed it. How would you like to work out of the little hole he worked out of for so long? Now he can talk to people in his office. He has space to work. It was an easy project, and we had a good time doing it.

Q: What’s your next project at church?
A: We’re going to change the light bulbs in the chandeliers sometime before Thanksgiving.

Q: They are pretty high. Is there anything you won’t do?
A: I’m not painting the ceiling!

Q: Why is church important to you?
A: Because my wife makes me go (laughing). I like the fellowship.

Q: What first attracted you to VWPC? Why did you choose VWPC as your church?
A: Carol got me going to church. She met Janesta and Claudia at the Van Wyck festival. They invited us to church. My first impression was it was small church and everyone was friendly. I like the architectural features of old things, the way they are built, the structure, like our bell tower.
Randy said I was a C and E-er – I grew up going to church on Christmas and Easter. There were 30 to 40 people at the church, probably more like 30. I like a smaller church. I’m not into crowds. Randy came to talk to me, and it was a good fit. I got baptized because I wanted to join the church.

Q: How do you describe our church to others?
A: It’s a nice, old-fashioned church.

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