Stewardship In Action

January 2012

Renee Myers recently wrote about her trip to Israel in a General Assembly publication. She reminded us that there are two interior bodies of water in the Holy Land. To the north is the Sea of Galilee which is green and lush with crops growing along the hillsides, small boats tied up along the shore line, and clear water flowing out of it into the Jordan River. The only other area of water in Israel is surrounded by rocks and cliffs, no boats, no villages and nothing grows in or around it. It is appropriately called the Dead Sea. Even though these bodies of water are relatively close, they are incredibly different. “Water flows into the Sea of Galilee and produces life. The Dead Sea takes in water but releases it nowhere; it gives nothing. And in doing so, it closes in on itself, and it literally dies.”

Those of us who are given so much have an opportunity to offer life and hope to others through our time, talents, and offerings each Sunday. Let us “glorify God…by the generosity of (our) sharing….” (II Corinthians 9) and may the grace of God fill you with life.


As we look back on the 2011, our expenditures exceeded our giving by over $3,000, which marks another tough year in a tough economic climate. We will continue to manage through and hope the signs of economic recovery continue in 2012.

The Stewardship committee would like to thank each of you who have made a pledge for 2012.

We didn’t receive as many pledges as we have in the past. If you have not pledged or offered an amount for 2012, please see Linda Vaughan or fill out an offering card located on the table in the church vestibule and place in the offering plate.

Haydee Teager recently shared a definition of church budget last month, which I thought did a good job of capturing a lot of what we do at Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.

Definition of a Church Budget

The budget of our church is more than a set of figures or a list of expenditures. It is actually the program of the church.
* It is the pastor preaching, visiting the sick, comforting the bereaved, winning the lost.
* It is the Sunday School teaching the Word of God to the multitudes.
* It is the organ playing and the choir singing to the glory of God.
* It is the church building, standing as a lighthouse in the midst of a dark world.
* It is missionaries sent to foreign lands to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.
* It is Christian literature in the hands of a child.
* It is schools, hospitals and children’s homes, ministering to those in need.
* Most of all, perhaps, the budget of our church is the total expression of our love for Christ, our compassion for a lost world, and our realization that God will hold each of us accountable for our stewardship. — Author, Anonymous

Stuart Graham
Stewardship Committee Chair

The Worship Committee experienced a busy Christmas season beginning with the first Sunday in Advent and the lighting of the Advent Wreath. Each Sunday a different family was responsible for the prayers, scripture and lighting the designated candle.

Our church participated in the annual Lighting the Way on December 11, which brings the Van Wyck churches together to worship in scripture and music. Lighting the Way welcomes in the Advent Season for our community and adds a warm glow to our main street.

Some of our congregation enjoyed caroling on December 18. Our children especially enjoyed visiting the homes, singing and delivering Poinsettias. It is always heartwarming to experience the loving welcome extended to our carolers. We returned to the church and enjoyed a meal of soup, chili and desserts.

A Christmas Eve Worship Service was held at 5:00 p.m. and was led by the Youth and Young Adults. This was a beautiful service celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

During the Christmas season, our congregation was blessed to have several members share their musical talents with us – Youth Hand Bell Choir, Camille Dunlap, Rob Johns, Charles Moss, Mark Denton and The Cook Trio (David, Chloe and Genevieve).

May God continue to bless each of us throughout the 2012 New Year.

Janesta Williams
Worship Committee Chair

It’s a new year with plenty of opportunities for fun and fellowship at Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.

We hope you can join us for lunch and love stories to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 12, following church. We will serve lasagna, break and drinks, and ask that you bring either a salad or a dessert to share. This will be fun for all ages. Back by popular demand are the love stories by members and friends of our congregation and table games.

Even though we just packed away Christmas, the church’s annual Easter breakfast is on our minds. The Strengthening Committee has been asked this year to organize this well-attended event. After we finalize the menu, we will be circulating a sign-up sheet and asking for your help in making Easter morning truly memorable.

The Strengthening Committee kicked off 2012 with two events – a reception on January 15 for our new Session members and movie night as our first “Fifth Sunday” get-together on January 29. We enjoyed the movie, “The Ultimate Gift,” and were thrilled to see Fort Mill on the big screen as well as learn a big lesson about wealth and happiness. Our new TV’s and sound system are such a blessing.

We are also pleased to report that our church sold 25 tickets to the private performance of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra’s “Magic of Christmas”, sponsored by the Presbyterian Foundation on December 1. We raised $625 and are expected to receive back a portion of the proceeds. Those who attended the concert said it was a wonderful time.

As always, thank you for your support.

Julie Graham & Claudia Thompson
Strengthening Committee Co-Chairs

In October and November the committee sponsored “music night” featuring the musical talent of bluegrass performers – The Hinson Girls and our own Dave Cook and his group. We are pleased that the youth program is up and running now and lots of fun activities are planned for 2012. The Christmas music program was a huge success and the children are looking forward to presenting special performances in 2012. Watch the bulletin for the dates of upcoming events.

In November all of the children in the church from preschool – high school began practicing for the Children’s Bell Choir using colored coded hand bells. Although most of the children were not able to read music they were able to learn to perform using the color coded bells under the direction of Janesta Williams and David Cook with assistance from Rob Johns. After practicing for many Sunday mornings the children gave their first performance, ringing “Away in a Manger” on Sunday morning, December 11 and then again at the “Lighting the Way” on Sunday evening. A special performance of “Silent Night” was sung at our church’s “Lighting the Way” service by a German exchange student, Sarah, who is with the Cook family for the school year. The children will resume practicing again soon on a bell performance for the Easter season.

At the same time the children began practicing for the annual Christmas pageant. The pageant was performed during the 11 A.M. service on Sunday, December 18. “Behold Your King”, written by Chloe Cook, was a moving story of the birth of the baby Jesus. From the youngest to the oldest, all of the children who participated were diligent in learning and delivering their lines. The musical accompaniment for the pageant was provided by David Cook, Chloe Cook, Genevieve Cook, Rob Johns, Charles Moss and Mark Denton. The director of the pageant was David Cook.

The children’s annual Christmas party was held on Sunday, December 4. The children enjoyed a meal of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and dessert. After the lunch the children participated in making crafts. Thank you to the Van Wyck Presbyterian Women for making the “Shopping Experience” possible for the children again this year. The children are able to shop for a gift at no cost to give to Mom or Dad. The Christian Education committee also wishes to thank everyone who helped with preparing and serving food, crafts, decorating and the Christmas Shop. The children had a great time and look forward to this event every year.

Pat Oglesby
Christian Education Co-Chair

Committee members Mike Helms & Charles Moss, Co-Chairs; Tommy Broome; Sammy Dunlap; Jack Leedy; Richard Vaughan; and George Williams have undertaken the following projects and general repairs for the fourth quarter of 2011:

* Electric water heater disconnected
* Water line plumbed to gas water heater
* Tree removal in front of church
* 10 new trees planted
* Shrubbery planted around CE Building
* Stone wall erected and shrubbery planted around sign
* Computer router installed
* Televisions, surround sound and other equipment installed in Fellowship Hall
* Cabinet for TV components installed
The Grounds & Maintenance Committee would like to thank Stuart Graham in spearheading the tree planting and shrubbery project.

2012 projected projects include:
* Re-paint the church sign
* Repair or replace lights around church sign
* Handrail on front walk at step-down areas
* Enclose the air conditioning units with fence
* Replace windows on porch at CE Building
* Fertilize/re-seed lawn
* Schedule a work day possibly in March

The Van Wyck Women experienced a rather bittersweet fall and Christmas season this past year. Our Presbyterian Women are a “strong in spirit” group as our faith and commitments were truly challenged.
* Our November projects included donating an original pen and ink drawing of our church by Cathy Joyce to the South Carolina Home in Montreat where our group stays for our fall retreat.
* Carol Johns created a wonderful directory with all of our PW’s phone numbers, email addresses, birthdates and important PW information. She did an outstanding job and all of us appreciate her hard work.
* Our Christmas season was challenging as we all suffered with the passing of our beloved friend, Al Williams. The Van Wyck Presbyterian Women were very instrumental with the needs of our church family during this challenging time. A lovely luncheon was prepared for Al’s and Janesta’s families and friends after the service where we fed approximately 55. With Claudia’s unfortunate injury, more meals were supplied as needed. Our PW have continued to assist Janesta and Claudia in all areas of need. Our mission project for the next several months is caring and attending to the needs of our two beloved members who require not only physical needs, but our prayers as well. Thanks to all of you for your time, efforts, love and continued support.
* Pat and our group provided a fun Christmas party for the children with lots of creative arts and crafts.
* Carol Johns was generous in opening her lovely home to us for a special evening of Christmas goodies and music. It was a nice evening and much needed.
* Our group continues to financially support our friend in the Heath Springs Residential Care Center.
As always, we welcome any newcomers as we share our journey of faith and love throughout our church and community.

Rosa Sansbury

VWPC is sponsoring a bible study on the book of James. The Stonecroft study is scheduled for weekly meetings on Monday morning from 10:00 to 11:00, and is scheduled to begin March 5, 2012. The cost of $12.00 covers all study material. A cordial welcome is extended to all women of the church, as well as the community. If you are interested, please contact Carol Johns (803-547-9788) to ensure sufficient number of study supplies.

On the third Wednesday of the month, the men of the church are invited to gather for a time of food and fellowship. Please watch for the announcement in the bulletin for the time and place of the gatherings.

2011 has come to an end and it is hard to believe that another year has rolled around so quickly. As we look forward to 2012 we all anticipate a year filled with God’s blessings and love.

As you can see from the breakdown below, our expenses for the year were ahead of our actual giving and indicates a shortfall. In order to meet this shortfall, funds were used from the reserve fund on hand. Due to several committees being under their budgets for 2011 helped in not having to use any more from the reserve fund than we did.

We have individuals who fulfilled their three-year pledges and continue to give to the Building Fund. Through pledges, memorials and honorariums received during 2011, we were able to pay down on the principal balance on our loan by $5,000. As of January 10, 2012, our loan balance is $61,738.

2011 General Fund Budget = $125,355.00
1st Quarter (January – March) = 28,150.60
2nd Quarter (April – June) = 33,643.31
3rd Quarter (July – September) = 25,630.50
4th Quarter (October – December) = 30,379.00
Total Giving for 2011 = $117,803.41
Total Expenditures for 2011 = $121,526.34
Expenditures OVER Giving Amount = $ 3,723.03

2011 Building Fund Outstanding Pledges = $5,790.00
1st Quarter (January – March) = 100.00
2nd Quarter (April – June) = 3,600.00
3rd Quarter (July – September) = 0.00
4th Quarter (October – December) = 0.00
Total Giving for 2010 = $ 3,700.00

Special offerings were received during October, November and December as follows:
Dimes for Hunger = $1,500.00
Community Thanksgiving Service = 370.00
Christmas Eve Service = 320.00
The special offerings received at the Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve services were specified for HOPE in Lancaster, Inc. These offerings were truly a blessing for this organization as they support families in need during this rough economic time.

Our annual Stewardship Campaign – “Thank You” — was a meaningful time for all of us who heard the life experiences from some of our members. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship at the delicious “Thank You” luncheon on November 13.

Pledge cards for 2012 were received on November 20 and it is not too late to complete a card if you so desire. Those who contribute in cash are encouraged to use the pew envelopes in order to be credited for your contributions. Pew envelopes are available and you can pick up a supply from the basket in the vestibule. If you would like to take advantage of the direct deposit program, please see me for details.

As church treasurer, I would like to ask that as you consider your giving to the church in 2012, please keep the financial situation of the church in mind and help us meet our obligations for 2012.

Linda Vaughan
Church Treasurer

In Memory of Albert L. Williams, Jr. given by:
Julia M. Alexander
Bill & Eloise Bartle
Betty D. Bath
Ralph & Nettie Belk
Wilma Belk
Ann O. Bennett
James & Priscilla Bowers
Betty F. Broome
Tommy & Faith Broome
Mike & Susan Brown
Louise Brunson
Rhoda M. Byrd
Stacy R. Collins
Ivey Arthur & Sheila Collins
Frances B. Collins
Angela D. Dry
Jan Duke
George & Cecile Flanders
Thomas H. Fox
Beulah S. Friberg
Kevin & Donna Gallagher
Barbara S. Gibson
Harry & Madeline Hazen
Jenner’s Pond, Inc.
Douglas & Tibia Johns
Jay & Lynne Jones
Dr. Rhonda Karp
Bruce & Ernestine King
James K. Koniszewski
Paul & Di Kourkoubes
William J. Massey
Edward & Sarah Meyer
Doris H. Miller
Clyde (Tommy) Morgan
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Novick
Timothy & Terry Patterson
D. Lindsay Pettus
Ronny Rentz
Charles & Dorothy Richards
Fred & Diana Richardson
Margaret C. Riddle
Charles & Hazel Rousey
Judith Rowell
Joe & Charlaine Simpson
Stephen & Mary Spigner
Karl & Melanie Sublett
Norman & Carolyn Taylor
Charles & Pat Thompson
Claudia Thompson
Tom & Laney Thompson
Carolyn P. Tolson
Richard & Linda Vaughan
Charles & Martha Walden
Louie & Lenore Watts
Joe & Shirley Williamson
Don & Julia Willingham
Bob & Sis Yoder

Choir Music Fund
In Memory of: Albert L. Williams, Jr. By: George C. Dobson

Building Fund
In Memory of: Faye Carter Privette
By: Jay & Lynne Jones and Richard & Linda Vaughan

Tree Fund Memorials & Honorariums
In Memory of: Martha & Danny Sims by Alex & William Sims
James Carroll Dabney by Janie Dabney
Joseph K. Bath II by Betty D. Bath
Albert L. Williams, Jr. by Sam & Camille Dunlap
In Honor of: Randy & Kay McSpadden by Richard & Linda Vaughan

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