Feb. 24th Bulletin

Van Wyck Presbyterian Church

February 24, 2013

Second Sunday of Lent


PRELUDE                                                                    Janesta Williams, Organist


THE LIFE AND WORK OF THE CHURCH                     David Cook, Liturgist


MINUTE FOR STEWARDSHIP                                   Julie Graham, Moderator

Stewardship Committee




Leader:               Led by the Holy Spirit, we come to this place.
People:               God has given us this haven where we may bring

   our hopes, our fears, our doubts, our wonder.
Leader:               Led by the Holy Spirit, we will gather in this sanctuary.

People:               Jesus has come to be with us in our lives,

               to fill us with grace and peace.
Leader:               Led by the Holy Spirit, we will go to serve God’s people.
People:              There is no distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them,’
              between Presbyterians and other believers;
we are sisters and brothers in God’s family.


*HYMN No. 482                                                 Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty




Leader:              Too many times, what is found on our lips are words of hurt and anger.

Too often, what is found in our hearts is bitterness and fear. And so we

end up testing God with our foolish lives, rather than trusting God to

lead us in the way we long to go. Let us bring our words of confession,

as well as our brokenness, to the One who hears us and makes us

whole. Please join me as we pray together, saying,



All:       God of our ancestors, we confess that we can become so obsessed

with all that is new, we ignore the past which is filled with wisdom.

We prefer to wander down roads to all the places we know so

well, yet are reluctant to be led by your Spirit into unfamiliar

places. We sometimes are in such a hurry to get our heart’s

desires, we stumble past the grace you are longing to give us.



Hear our hearts and see our brokenness, God of our days, and

forgive us. May we grow in our trust of you, rather than

  continuing to test you. Gather us up and bring us into the presence

  of Jesus Christ, our Servant, our Savior, that we might follow him

  to Jerusalem, and beyond – into that place of hope and peace you

  are giving to us. Amen.




               Lord, have mercy upon us.                                                         

               Christ, have mercy upon us.                                                         

                Lord, have mercy upon us.  Amen.




Leader:               This is our good news: hearing our prayers and our silence God

forgives us! God is giving to us a marvelous inheritance – hope and

grace, peace and joy.

People:   On our lips are cries of gratitude, in our hearts is the trust in the

   One who loves us. Thanks be to God, we are forgiven! Amen.




ANTHEM                     A Greeting of Peace                                       Adult Choir

MOMENT WITH THE CHILDREN                                              Stuart Graham

A nursery is provided following the Children’s Time for children in Kindergarten and younger.  We encourage children in 1st grade and older to remain and participate in our worship service.                                                 



*HYMN No. 77                                                         Forty Days and Forty Nights

   (Please pass prayer cards to the end of the pew so they may be collected as we sing.)



Glenda Manus, Moderator


SCRIPTURE         Luke 4:1-13        New Testament Page 61 in pew Bible



SERMON                          WHO IS YOUR DEVIL?               Rev. McSpadden







Jesus Christ overthrew evil powers                                                               that enslaved and degraded people,                                                                  yet he made no use of power to protect himself.                                             He healed those who were sick in body and mind,                                         yet he did not avoid pain and suffering for himself.                                       He commanded his followers to place loyalty to him                                   above loyalty to family and country,                                                               yet he lived among them as a servant                                                              Jesus taught with authority,                                                                           challenging many time-honored customs and ideas,                                            yet he submitted to humiliation and death                                                      without a word on his own behalf.                                                                   He forgave sinners,                                                                                            yet he was counted among sinners.                                                                      We recognize the work of God in Jesus’ power and authority.                                               He did what only God can do.                                                                                    We also recognize the work of God in Jesus’ lowliness.                                        When he lives as a servant                                                                               and went humbly to his death                                                                               the greatness that belongs only to God was manifest.                                                    In both his majesty and lowliness                                                                            Jesus is the eternal Son of God,                                                                                   God himself with us. Amen.               Declaration of Faith, PCUS, Chapter 4(3)









*HYMN OF RESPONSE No. 80                  Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley





*Please stand.

















A cordial welcome is extended to all who are worshiping here today.




Today                6:00 pm         Beginning of Confirmation Classes in

the Fellowship Hall


Wednesday        7:00 pm         Choir Practice


Thursday           9:00 am         Meet at the church to carpool to the

Southern Spring Home & Garden Show

at Park Expo in Charlotte


Sun.,  Mar.    6   6:00 pm         Confirmation Class


Sat.,    Mar.    9              9:00 am         Congregational Workday led by Grounds

and Maintenance Committee

(Jack and Richard, co-chairs.)


Sun.,   Mar. 10   6:00 pm         Confirmation Class


Thurs.,Mar. 21  10:00 am        Presbytery Meeting, Oakland Ave. Church

Glenda Manus is our commissioner,

Carol Leedy is our alternate.


Fri.,     Mar. 29   7:00 pm         Good Friday Service in Sanctuary


Sun.,   Mar. 31    9:30 am        Easter Breakfast.  No Sunday School

As we pray today we will be remembering

Unity Presbyterian Church in Fort Mill, SC and its1,128 members

and Uriel Presbyterian Church in Chester, SC and its 361 members.

Finance Report through the week of  1 – 27 -2013:

2013 Budget

$   126,070.00

Needed each week

$       2,425.00

Budget amount received past 4 weeks

$       7,756.00

Ahead / (Behind) budget past 4 weeks


GREETERS AND USHERS:                                    Jack and Carol Leedy


OUR SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE BULLETIN IS NOW ONLINE.     Visit our website www.vanwyckpc.comand click on this Sunday’s date or previous dates to read the bulletin online.  Also, check the church calendar and Prayer List.

“My Church, My Challenge” Reverse Offering                                                During this time of Lent, we ask that instead of giving up something, you give back to help others and kick off our 2013 Stewardship campaign called “My Church, My Challenge.”                                                                                  Today, we will pass the offering plate at the beginning of the service for a reverse offering to help the hungry in our county. Please take a piece of paper that lists one item for HOPE and go shopping. The requested items are basic, ranging from sugar, grits and self-rising flour to juice, peanut butter and canned meat.                                                                                                                     This is designed to increase our support of HOPE and involve the congregation in the act of giving. We will collect your food during worship services on Feb. 24 and March 3. Thank you in advance for accepting the challenge to give back!                         — The Stewardship Committee

Hospice and Community Care Resale Store in Lancaster

At their meeting Tuesday night the Presbyterian Women voted to make support of the Hospice Store a project.  All sorts of donations, including household items, gently used clothes, etc. are needed.  Bring these to the Vaughan Room.  If you wish to donate large items, like furniture, Hospice will arrange to pick them up. For more information contact Camille, Di Kourkoubes, Annette or Linda Vaughan who volunteer at the store.


Van Wyck Presbyterian Church family:

Jeremy, Elizabeth, and I would like to thank you all for the outpouring of love, cards, gifts, and calls to our family. We are so truly grateful for your faithfulness in praying for our daughter during this time. She continues to improve and we will have follow-up appointments with her Pediatrician in Wilmington and the Pediatric Pulmonologist in Chapel Hill. Our continued prayer request is for complete healing of infection in her right lung and that her lung  heal completely from the partial collapse she suffered during her illness. Thank you again, we consider ourselves blessed by your love, faith, and actions.

Trish Burnett


Members of the Van Wyck Presbyterian Church,

Thanks to everyone in the Church for your prayers and support for our Dad. Also, thanks for the many visits and the great food this past year when we were assisting him at home.

Dad is adjusting to his new surroundings at Morningside in Rock Hill. He appreciates the many visitors.


The Alexander Family

               * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Sat., March 2   Volunteer Appreciation Covered Dish Dinner and Awards

Presentations at the Community Building


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