February Prayer List

Our church family

Our country’s leaders

Andrea Helms

Craig Belk

Lucille Smoak

Deanne Smoak

Eddie Gibson

Tim Gibson

Penny Bailey

Ashley Ruppard

Wesley Davis

Laura Whittaker

Linda Godfrey

Tory Faile

Blanche and Robert Sproul

Anne Lineberger

Drew and Janna Harding & their ministry in South Africa

Odie Dick

Rob Lingle

Ethel Williams

Elizabeh Burnette

Pat Oglesby

Cathy Joyce

Trudy Walker

Knipper and 5 year old

Betty Jane Hayden

Flow Weston

Sharon Foster

Jim Massey

Bless the Van Wyck Community

Bless and watch over Jay and Brittany Watson

Bless our country

Betty Bath

Julia Alexander

David Alexander

Alex Sims

Randy & Kay McSpadden

Jean Hamilton

Jim and Linda Pickens

Juanita Moss

The Stephen Davidson Family

Trudy Walker

Eloise Williams

R4, Sage, Lily, Cyrus

This church and its leadership

Kate Muse

Judi Smith

People affected by Blizzard & Jamie

Laurie Sullivan

Jacob Sansbury

Joye Schwartz

Geraldine Faile

The family of Robert Daniel Wilson

Bill Jamieson & Louanne Currence

Union First Presbyterian Church & 183 members


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