March 10th Bulletin


 Van Wyck Presbyterian Church

March 10, 2013

Fourth Sunday of Lent

 PRELUDE                                                                    Janesta Williams, Organist

CHORAL CALL TO WORSHIP                                                         Adult Choir

THE LIFE AND WORK OF THE CHURCH             Jeannie Jamieson, Liturgist



Leader:               Do you feel it? God’s kingdom is beneath our feet.
People:               We live in the new creation shaped by God out of our brokenness.
Leader:               Do you know it? God’s reconciling love in Christ has shattered our

ways of viewing people.
People:               No longer do we label our sisters and brothers, we welcome them

   with open arms.
Leader:               Do you believe it? God has made everything, including us, new,
People:               and sends us forth to share this good news with everyone!

*HYMN No. 469                                                                   Morning Has Broken


Leader:  We know our faults — the way we have treated others, our alienation     from God, our unwillingness to be faithful people. We will not hide our sins or remain silent, but confess them to the One who surrounds us with steadfast love. Please join me as we pray, saying,

 People:  On this very day, Waiting God, we admit all the lengths to which

we go so we might avoid you. You offer us that kingdom of joy and

wonder, yet we would hide in places where temptation waits. You

invite us to feast on your grace and peace, but we stubbornly

refuse, because you also welcome those we call ‘outsiders.’ We are

quick to see all the mistakes that those around us make, but hope

you will ignore our foolish choices.


   Celebrating God, before we come to our senses, we find you     running towards us, sweeping us up in your arms, tears of grace mingling with our cries of confession, a mighty river washing away our sinful ways to restore us to new life. In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we find no limitations on your grace, no reservations about your love, but a feast that overflows with wonder, a place we can finally call home. Amen.

               Lord, have mercy upon us.                                                         

               Christ, have mercy upon us.                                                         

                Lord, have mercy upon us.  Amen.


Leader:   God rolls away everything that stands in our way – our past, our sin,

our pain, our hesitation, and reshapes us into new people living in the

new creation.
People:   Broken, we are made whole;
lost, we are brought home;
empty, we are filled with songs of gladness.
We rejoice and give thanks to God who has graced us with mercy.

                Amen.                                                         (Lectionary Liturgies, Lent 4 – C)



MOMENT WITH THE CHILDREN                                                  Pat Oglesby

A nursery is provided following the Children’s Time for children in Kindergarten and younger.  We encourage children in 1st grade and older to remain and participate in our worship service.                                                 

SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM                                            Andrew Logan Helms


*HYMN No. 170                                      The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want

   (Please pass prayer cards to the end of the pew so they may be collected as we sing.)

 SCRIPTURE    Luke 15:1-3,11b-32  New Testament Pages 78-79 in pew Bible

SERMON              WE ARE ALL IN THE STORY                Rev. McSpadden



Jesus lived with a constant sense of his Father's presence.
He put God's claim on his life above all else.
He joined others in God's worship and praise.
He drew strength from the Scriptures.
He prayed and taught his disciples to pray.
We believe Christ gives us and demands of us
personal lives that are centered in God
and open to God's reality and rule.
Christ teaches us
to put obedience to God
above the interests of self, family, race or nation;
to offer God joyously
our money, ability and time.
It is part of our discipline
to observe a day of worship and rest,
setting aside our own working to enjoy God's work,
celebrating with sisters and brothers the Lord's goodness.

("A Declaration of Faith," PCUS, 1977, Chapter 9: 3)










*HYMN OF RESPONSE No. 280            Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound





*Please stand.



A cordial welcome is extended to all who are worshiping here today.



Today              10:45 am         Session Meeting

11:00 am        Baptism of Andrew Logan Helms

12:00 Noon     Reception

6:00 pm        Confirmation Class


Wednesday        7:00 pm         Choir Practice


Next Sunday    11:00 am         Congregational Meeting to Dissolve the

Relationship of Rev. J.R. McSpadden, Jr.

on April 30. 2013


Tues., Mar. 19   7:00 pm         Presbyterian Women meet in Fellowship

Hall.  Lesson by Rosa, Janesta is



Thurs.,Mar. 21  10:00 am        Presbytery Meeting, Oakland Ave. Church

Glenda Manus is our commissioner,

Carol Leedy is our alternate.


Fri.,     Mar. 22   6:00 pm         Retirement Covered Dish Dinner for

Rev. McSpadden*


Sun.,   Mar.  24            10:45 am         Session Meeting

11:00 am         Baptism of Brian Scott McMurdy, Jr.


Tues., Mar.  26              7:00 pm         Session Meeting


Fri.,     Mar. 29   7:00 pm         Good Friday Service in Sanctuary


Sun.,   Mar. 31    9:30 am        Easter Breakfast**.  No Sunday School


*Please see Carol Leedy who has a sign-up sheet for you to list the food you plan to bring to the dinner.  Also, please have your food at the church by

5:30 pm.

**There is a sign-up sheet in the Friendship Notebook.  Please list what you will bring for the Easter Breakfast.

“My Church, My Challenge” Reverse Offering                                              Again today we will collect your food for HOPE.  Thank you in advance for accepting the challenge to give back during this time of Lent.

The Stewardship Committee



















GREETERS AND USHERS:                            Tommy and Faith Broome


OUR SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE BULLETIN IS NOW ONLINE.     Visit our website www.vanwyckpc.comand click on this Sunday’s date or previous dates to read the bulletin online.  Also, check the church calendar and Prayer List.


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The Community Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sunday, March 24, at 2:30 pm at the Community Building for children up to age 10.  Older children may help to hide the eggs if they would like.  Eggs, refreshments, and games will be provided. Children are to bring a basket.

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