March 17th Bulletin

 Van Wyck Presbyterian Church

March 17, 2013

Fifth Sunday of Lent

 PRELUDE                                                                              Grace Doyle, Pianist

THE LIFE AND WORK OF THE CHURCH             Jeannie Jamieson, Liturgist



Leader:  This is the Lord’s Day, the day of wonder and grace.
People:             This is the day to worship the One who calls us here.
Leader:             This is the Lord’s Day, the day we are given joy and peace.
People:             This is the day promised to us, the day of healing and renewal.
Leader:             This is the Lord’s Day, and it has come just in time!
People:  This is the day we gather with hope, with faith, with love.

*HYMN No. 267                                                   All Things Bright and Beautiful


Leader:  Even now, God makes a way for us to be made whole. God wants to bring us out of despair and to fill our hearts with laughter. Please join me as we pray to the One who forgets our past to offer us a new future,


 People:  God, whose name is Grace: you are always in the business of

  surprising us with new lives, new dreams, new hopes. But we are

  so busy opening up the boxes where we have stored the past,

  making sure that each item remains safe and unbroken, that we do

  not recognize what you are doing. We are so blinded by the dull

  reflection of our old habits, that we cannot see the fresh chances

  which are given so freely to us. Our senses are so deadened by our
desires that we cannot smell the bouquet of joy that is in the air.
Forgive us, God of Joy. By your mercy, mend our broken lives.

  You move through us, rearranging the price tags on everything we

  value, so we might be able to let go of all that holds us back from

  faithful living. Then we can press on in following Jesus Christ, our

  Lord and Savior, into that kingdom of hope and wonder. Amen.


               Lord, have mercy upon us.                                                         

               Christ, have mercy upon us.                                                         

                Lord, have mercy upon us.  Amen.


Leader:               God comes to us to anoint us with the grace that wipes away our sin;
God comes to fill us with joy.
People:   Our tears are turned into rivers of grace; our weeping becomes

                glad cries of praise. Thanks be to God. Amen.


MOMENT WITH THE CHILDREN                                                  David Cook

A nursery is provided following the Children’s Time for children in Kindergarten and younger.  We encourage children in 1st grade and older to remain and participate in our worship service.                                                 


*HYMN No. 473                                                         For the Beauty of the Earth

   (Please pass prayer cards to the end of the pew so they may be collected as we sing.)

 SCRIPTURE        Ecclesiastes 3:1-15     Old Testament Page 616  in pew Bible

SERMON                          THE EBB AND FLOW                   Rev. McSpadden



We trust in Jesus Christ,

     Fully human, fully God.

  Jesus proclaimed the reign of God:

     preaching good news to the poor

       and release to the captives,

     teaching by word and deed

       and blessing the children,

     healing the sick

       and binding up the brokenhearted,

     eating with outcasts,

     forgiving sinners,

     and calling all to repent and believe the gospel.

  Unjustly condemned for blasphemy and sedition,

  Jesus was crucified,

     suffering the depths of human pain

     and giving his life for the sins of the world.

  God raised Jesus from the dead,

     vindicating his sinless life,

     breaking the power of sin and evil,

     delivering us from death to life eternal.  Amen.





*HYMN OF RESPONSE No. 84                             In the Cross of Christ I Glory



*Please stand.



Today               12:00 am        Congregational Meeting to Dissolve the

Relationship of Rev. J.R. McSpadden, Jr.

on April 30. 2013

Tues., Mar. 19   7:00 pm         Presbyterian Women meet in Fellowship

Hall.  Lesson by Rosa, Janesta is


Wed., Mar. 20    7:00 pm         Choir Practice

Thurs.,Mar. 21  10:00 am        Presbytery Meeting, Oakland Ave. Church

Glenda Manus is our commissioner,

Carol Leedy is our alternate.

Fri.,     Mar. 22   6:00 pm         Retirement Covered Dish Dinner for

Rev. McSpadden

Sat.,    Mar. 23   3:00 pm         Memorial Service for Fleming J.

“Butch” Oglesby

Sun.,   Mar.24  10:45 am         Session Meeting

11:00 am         Baptism of Brian Scott McMurdy, Jr.

Reception for Newly Baptized Member

Tues., Mar.  26              7:00 pm         Session Meeting

Fri.,     Mar. 29   7:00 pm         Good Friday Service in Sanctuary

Sun.,   Mar. 31    9:30 am        Easter Breakfast*.  No Sunday School

10:40 am         Session Meeting in Minister’s Office

11:00 am         Flowering of the Cross

*Thanks to everyone who signed up to bring food.  Only one item is needed – a fruit tray.  If you would like to bring this please tell Claudia.

 As we pray today we will be remembering

Wade Memorial Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, SC and its 29 members

and Woodlawn Presbyterian Church in Sharon, SC and its 236 membe4rs.


 Special Thanks to Mrs. Grace Doyle for playing the piano for our Worship Service this morning.

“My Church, My Challenge” Reverse Offering                                                  Thank you for rising to the challenge in our HOPE in Lancaster reverse offering to help feed the hungry in our county. Over two weeks, we collected and delivered 118 items, including                                                                                                             43lbs. of flour                                                                                                      36 lbs. of grits                                                                                                       20 lbs. of cornmeal                                                                                                25 cans of soup                                                                                                     14 boxes of cereal                                                                                                  10 jars of peanut butter                                                                                           8 jars of jelly, etc.

That is more than 100 percent participation! — The Stewardship Committee

Dr. Molly Coggins will have surgery on Monday at CMC.  Her mailing address is 318 Rose Garden Court, Rock Hill, SC. 29732.

GREETERS AND USHERS:                            Tommy and Faith Broome

OUR SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE BULLETIN IS NOW ONLINE.     Visit our website www.vanwyckpc.comand click on this Sunday’s date or previous dates to read the bulletin online.  Also, check the church calendar and Prayer List.


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The Community Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sunday, March 24, at 2:30 pm at the Community Building for children up to age 10.  Older children may help to hide the eggs if they would like.  Eggs, refreshments, and games will be provided. Children are to bring a basket.

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