Quarterly Newsletter (July, 2013)



Van Wyck Presbyterian Church        Published Quarterly – July 2013 – Volume 13

“Nothing happens in the church until someone gives something.  According to the Word, God did exactly that.  God gave us grace, undeserved and unconditional love.  God did not allow that offer to expire, but continues his covenant to give us grace, unendingly.”      –Ed Krause—


Dear Friends,

I have been your Interim Pastor for three months and it is a joy.  Sandy and I are honored to be a part of your church family.  As I have begun to call on members of the congregation, I am fascinated by the wonderful people that make up the Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.

Our worship services have been wonderful times of fellowship, singing, prayer, hearing the laughter of children and having time to be encouraged by God’s love in Jesus Christ and his truths fill and strengthen our lives.

In Christ’s Service,

Bill Johnson




Check out the website www.vanwyckpc.com for the calendar of events of our church and community.  Sunday morning worship service bulletins are now on-line.  Visit the website and click on the Sunday’s date or previous dates to read the bulletin on-line.



A Thought for the Day

There is a Roman aqueduct in Sagovia, Spain.  For 2000 years it carried cool water from the mountains to the hot and thirsty city.  Generations of men, women, and children drank from its flow.

Then recently people said:  “This aqueduct is so great a marvel that it ought to be preserved for our children.  So they laid pipe and stopped the water flowing from the aqueduct.  They gave the ancient bricks and mortar a reverent rest.  And the aqueduct began to fall apart.  The sun beating on the dry mortar caused it to crumble.  The bricks and stones sagged and threatened to fall.  What ages of service could not destroy idleness disintegrated.

We are most alive when we are active and serving.  Life stays fresh as we stay active.  Life stays fresh as we continue to pour ourselves out, loving others, finding joy in each day, and having a confident trust in God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who fills us with strength and hope.  We are called to live full, fresh lives until God calls us home.




Gosh it is hard to believe we are half way through 2013!  Looking back at the 1st and 2nd quarters of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church, our giving and expenses have continued to be very close.  Even though we are behind in our giving, our expenses have not exceeded our giving for the first two quarters.  The first two quarters of giving is ahead of our 2012 giving at week 26 by $4,573 and hopefully our giving will continue to be strong for the remainder of 2013 in order to meet our adopted budget.


2013 General Fund Budget    = $126,070.00


1st Quarter (January – March)                                =     31,753.75

2nd Quarter (April – June)                       =     27,147.00

Needed 26 weeks @ $2,425                     =    63,050.00


Behind Budget  at Week 26                   = $    4,149.25


2013 Building Fund Outstanding Pledges  = $3,890.00

As of July 15, 2013, the principal loan balance is $55,346.94.  If you wish to give to the Building Fund, please indicate on your check “Building Fund”.


Those who contribute in cash are encouraged to use the pew envelopes in order to be credited for your contributions. Pew envelopes are available and you can pick up a supply from the basket in the vestibule.  If you would like to take advantage of the direct deposit program, please see me for details.


As church treasurer, I want to thank you for your continued faithful support in the ministry of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.


Linda Vaughan, Church Treasurer






In Memory of:

David P. Moss

David P. Moss

David P. Moss

Blanche Sims Sproul


Jimmy & Jane Massey

Richard & Linda Vaughan

Presbyterian Women

Jimmy & Jane Massey



In Memory of:

Lucille Harris &

Louise Jamieson



Jeannie Jamieson



Our Mother’s Day Offering received this year totaled $574.00




The various committees are still working behind the scenes but their meetings have taken a summer break.


Vacation Bible School was a fun time for the children and thank you for all those that helped make it a success!


If you have any church-related events that you would like to add to the church calendar, please email them to Jeannie Jamieson at:  jamieson@comporium.net


















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