July 2014 Quarterly Stewardship Newsletter

Van Wyck Presbyterian Church Published Quarterly – July 2014 – Volume 17
“Nothing happens in the church until someone gives something. According to the Word, God did exactly that. God gave us grace, undeserved and unconditional love. God did not allow that offer to expire, but continues his covenant to give us grace, unendingly.” –Ed Krause—

Pastor’ Corner
After God created the world, God created man and woman. And then to keep the whole thing from collapsing, God created humor.
The Bible says, “A joyful heart is good medicine ‘causes good healing’, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”
How is your sense of humor in this “aspirin age”? We need to learn to laugh again, smile, and reclaim a joyful heart. Humor is a God-given escape hatch – a safety valve. It is essential for our balance to be able to laugh at our mistakes – accept justified criticism and get over it – enjoy wholesome humor when things are tense and heated. We have to reclaim our lighter side.
Laughter reduces stress. There is a healing power unleashed every time we laugh. But something more – laughter produces a thankful heart. Laughter, smiles, joy frees us to be grateful and thankful for life and the world around us. Laughter is good medicine.
In Christ’s Service,
Bill Johnson

Check out the website www.vanwyckpc.com for the calendar of events of our church and community. Sunday morning worship service bulletins are now on-line. Visit the website and click on the Sunday’s date or previous dates to read the bulletin on-line.


Stewardship Committee
“Steeped” in Tradition
Afternoon Tea

We hope you join us for our first Afternoon Tea, featuring delicious tea and foods, entertainment and a silent basket auction, beginning at 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 24, in the McSpadden Fellowship Hall.

Tickets are $10, and can be purchased from Betty Broome, Linda Vaughan or Julie Graham. All proceeds will be put in the Building Fund.

We have so much history, so much grace and elegance at Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.

That’s why when the Stewardship Committee came together to plan an event to raise money to pay down our building loan balance, a traditional afternoon tea seemed perfect.

The ladies of our church have enjoyed attending this type of tea in the past.

There is something about getting together with friends to enjoy dainty sandwiches, delectable sweets and comforting tea. Mix in good conversation, elegant surroundings and some entertainment, and it’s an enjoyable afternoon.

My committee – Betty Broome, Carol Leedy, Linda Vaughan and Julia Willingham – is having a whole lot of fun planning this event.

Betty, leading us with her “Tea Time” magazine in hand, has been envisioning an afternoon tea at VWPC for years. The centerpieces, the china, funny skits and beautiful singing … you are in for a treat thanks to Betty’s vision!

We are thrilled that Carol brings decades of fine baking experience to our menu, Linda is ready to whip up some unforgettable sandwiches, and Julia is so generously donating hand-made scarves to sell during our basket auction.

Each of us brings our talents to the table. We hope you take time to join us for tea as we celebrate friendships, history and Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.

— Julie Graham, Stewardship Chair


Christian Education Committee
The Christian Education Committee would like to thank all of our Sunday School teachers for their service the past year:

Nursery age: Lynne Jones and Linda Vaughan
Pre-school: Camille Dunlap (Off for the summer)
Early Elementary: Pat Oglesby
High School Age: We have no teacher for this age group at this time.
Young Adult: Annette Denton and Stuart Graham
Senior Adult: Eloise Williams and Shirley Cauthen

Volunteer help is also needed with the children’s Sunday School Classes as some of these classes have been combined for the summer. If you are interested in assisting with Sunday School classes or filling vacant positions in this area please contact Pat Oglesby. We would like to be able to offer this educational opportunity to all ages.

Please join us from 10 to 11 a.m. each Sunday for Sunday School.

At this time we do not have a full time paid nursery worker. We have been operating the past couple of months on a volunteer basis. Taking care of our very young children during the 11 a.m. worship service is a very important mission of our church. We need to hire a nursery worker for the 11 a.m. worship service. If you know of anyone who would be interested in this position please contact Pat Oglesby at poglesby@comporium.net or 803-285-8196. Applicants would need to be interviewed by the CE Committee and be approved by the Session of the church. An applicant would also need to submit to a background check to attain this position.

At times that we do not have a volunteer to keep nursery, we may not be able to provide care for preschool children during the worship time. Please contact Pat Oglesby to have your name added to the Nursery Volunteer List. A signup sheet will also be available in the vestibule. We appreciate all of those who have volunteered in the past to help with the nursery.

The CE Committee would also like to thank John Cauthen for the excellent photographs that he has taken at our many church events over the past year. Thanks, John!

–Pat Oglesby, Chair


Worship Committee

The Worship Committee continues their responsibilities of various contributions to our worship services – preparing Communion and obtaining a minister when Dr. Johnson is away for a Sunday.

Our sincere appreciation is offered to all persons who contribute in many ways toward weekly worship services. We are grateful for those who serve with faithfulness as greeters/ushers each Sunday and also to our children who serve as acolytes.

Sunday, July 13th was a special day in our congregation as we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of Bill and Sandy. We were honored to have their son, Dr. Michael David Johnson to preach for us for the special occasion.

Choir practice has been discontinued for the summer and will resume in September.

Our congregation is blessed to enjoy beautiful fresh flowers each week grown locally from members’ gardens.

— Janesta Williams, Chair


Strengthening Committee

The Strengthening Committee had a fun time planning and carrying out the plans for a luncheon after church on July 13. The luncheon was in celebration and honor of Bill and Sandy Johnson’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was a joy to celebrate with Bill and Sandy, their children and grandchildren. The tables were laden with all kinds of delicious food. The Strengthening Committee would like to thank the congregation for their participation and tasty dishes of food.

On July 23, the movie “God’s Not Dead” was shown in the McSpadden Fellowship Hall. Popcorn and soft drinks were served. About thirty people attended the movie. We all enjoyed this inspirational movie and the time of fellowship. Special thanks to Trinity Baptist Church for loaning the movie to us.

The Strengthening Committee welcomes all visitors and hopes they will continue to attend our church and become a part of our church family.

Also, we would love to have any of you join this committee.

Watch the church announcements for upcoming events sponsored by the Strengthening Committee.

–Claudia Thompson & Lynne Jones

Grounds & Maintenance
The committee is taking a well-earned summer reprieve from projects!
–Jack Leedy & Richard Vaughan

Report from Presbyterian Women
Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Van Wyck Presbyterian Women honored Camille Dunlap on June 22, 2014, as the recipient of The Honorary Lifetime Membership Award. Camille has been active in teaching in Sunday School for over 25 years and has been an active member of the choir and Presbyterian Women for many years. Camille was presented with a framed certificate of membership and the honorary lapel pin designed by PCUSA Presbyterian Women. The pin includes symbols with special meaning for Presbyterian Women throughout the PCUSA. Thank you, Camille, for your dedication.


Fall Retreat

The Presbyterian Women’s Fall Retreat to South Carolina Inn at Montreat, N.C., is Monday, September 22 through Wednesday, September 24. We will leave the church at 10 a.m. on Monday morning.


Annual PW Spring Gathering

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, Van Wyck Presbyterian Women will be hosting the Annual PW Spring Gathering here in Van Wyck. Women from PW groups all over Providence Presbytery will travel to Van Wyck for this annual meeting. The meeting is in the planning stage now and as time draws near we will be asking for help from all of the women (and some of the men) in our church for this function.


Harvest Tables Refinishing Project

The women of the church have done it again! After much discussion on the condition of the pine drop leaf tables in the Vaughan Room, the women pulled together and started a “table refinishing fund” among them. The funds received were overwhelming and the tables were refinished in a Golden Hickory Hi-Satin Finish by Palmers Refinishing of Lancaster. A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the project. If you have not had a chance to see the end result, please take the time to do so. They are beautiful!


PW Monthly Meeting

The next meeting of PW is on Monday, September 15th at 10:00 a.m. All women of the church are invited to attend our meetings.
— Pat Oglesby, Moderator



Our church is loaded with smart children – academically, athletically and socially! We are proud of all our students!!

11th grader Chloe Cook was in the top 5% of her junior class and received an English Award and served as a Junior Marshal.

11th grader Emily Helms received the Biology 2 Award. Emily is the Captain of the Color Guard and plays the flute. We all know how talented Emily is on the flute as she contributes to the music during worship services.

10th grader Zachary Bean is in College Prep Classes. He enjoys restoring old cars and if you haven’t seen his ’65 Chevrolet, it is a really cool

9th grader Savannah Bean is outstanding in school sports and is in her third year on the varsity softball team. She is a very talented pianist and we all look forward to having her play during special church events.

6th grader Genevieve Cook was elected to student council for the 7th grade.

5th grader Virginia Walker received all A’s and honors and academic awards in Math, Science, Language Arts and highest honors in Social Studies, plus the President’s Award.

4th grader Carson Helms plays soccer and football. His class voted him “most likely to drive a race car when he grows up”! Like father – like son! Carson, as well as his sister Emily, is good at art.

4th grader Christian Moss received all A’s, for which he received an award. He received a trophy for 2nd place in AR points for the entire fourth grade. This is a reading program where students have to take tests to get the points for their reading.

1st grader Rachel Graham received the Citizenship Award at the Elementary Awards night.

Harrison Cargill is able to run around and do things little boys like to do now that his has fully recuperated from his heart surgery. Harrison will be in the second grade.

Piper Collins will be in the third grade and has really enjoyed her summer vacation.

Stuart Graham will be going to kindergarten. He is so excited about going to school and riding the bus.

Annette Denton’s grandchildren are frequent visitors. When school begins, Josh will be in 6th grade, Julia will be in the 3rd grade and Andrew will be in the 1st.

Big congratulations to Henry & Glenda Manus’ grandson, Jake Whittaker. He graduated Summa Cum Laude (grade point average 4.57 and higher) from Central Academy of Technology and Arts High School in Monroe, NC. He has been accepted in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Honors College.


Let’s not forget to recognize our little ones –

Cody & Vivian Lee Campbell
Lily Cargill
Sarah Graham
Hunter & Logan Helms
Mark & Olivia Tuttle

Our church is truly blessed to have these sweet children in our midst and it is a joy to watch them grow up.

Treasurer Report
2014 General Fund Budget = $116,220.00
Week 26

1st Quarter (January – March) = $ 27,840.00
2nd Quarter (April – June) = 31,149.37
Needed each week = 2,235.00
Needed at Week 26 = 58,110.00
Ahead Adopted Budget at Week 26 = 879.37

Expenditures UNDER Giving Amount = $ 2,679.87

2014 Building Fund Outstanding Pledges = $3,890.00
As of July 22, 2014, the principal loan balance is $50,733.71. If you wish to give to the Building Fund, please indicate on your check “Building Fund”.

Mother’s Day Offering

A total of $657 was received for the Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina. This offering helps support the five retirement communities throughout the state.

Pew Envelopes

Those who contribute in cash are encouraged to use the pew envelopes in order to be credited for your contributions. Pew envelopes are available and you can pick up a supply from the basket in the vestibule.

As church treasurer, I want to thank you for your continued faithful support in the ministry of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.

– Linda Vaughan


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