October 2014 Quarterly Stewardship Newsletter


Van Wyck Presbyterian Church               Published Quarterly – October 2014 – Volume 18

“Nothing happens in the church until someone gives something. According to the Word, God did exactly that. God gave us grace, undeserved and unconditional love. God did not allow that offer to expire, but continues his covenant to give us grace, unendingly.”              –Ed Krause—



Please pray that God heals our minister, Bill Johnson, quickly with His miraculously healing hands. His church family misses him and wants him to know he is greatly missed.


Dimes For Hunger
VWPC’s Mission for the Month of October

Rosa Sansbury, a member of the Hunger
Action Team of Providence Presbytery, has been leading awareness of the Dimes
for Hunger mission that runs through October. The mission asks that you contribute a dime per meal for a month, or $9.30. Here is her message to our congregation:

On a very cold and wintry evening in January 1977, Randy McSpadden, his girlfriend Kay, and several other Providence Presbytery ministers discussed the need for food assistance for York County and its surrounding neighbors. During this time, Randy was the Campus Ministry Director at Winthrop University and dating Kay. Both agreed hunger was widespread throughout the area and a hunger relief program
was desperately needed.

This brainstorm session was the birth of our current Dimes for Hunger program. For 35 years, fellow Presbyterians have been dropping their dimes, quarters, dollars, and checks into these jars to help alleviate hunger and respond to Christ’s call.  As of today, Dimes for Hunger has raised $1,488,795.

Our Dimes for Hunger campaign assists five counties: York, Lancaster, Chester, Union, and
Kershaw. Within these counties, your monies provide food for home delivered meals, food pantries, soup kitchens, and feeding sites. Some of our agencies served are Lancaster HOPE, Catawba Council on Aging, Chester Community Garden, Greater New Hope Soup Kitchen, Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen, and Union Meals on
Wheels.  There are 20 agencies throughout
the five counties dependent on our Dimes campaign with 58 churches participating.

Dimes for Hunger also assist the poor and starving in Honduras, Guatemala, and Malawi Africa. Many of you in our church have traveled to these countries helping the infirmed, sick, and poor.  In 2013, $25,083 was used for foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and Malawi.

The Dimes for Hunger program also works with the Heifer International program providing livestock for the poor and destitute in our international scene. This is such an
amazing program and continues to be a success.

This past summer, I was commissioned to provide new photographs of our agencies for our Dimes program. This was a life-changing experience for myself and my photographer. Our
first stop was Lancaster HOPE where, when I arrived, they were completely out
of canned shelf food. Although they had plenty of eggs, bread, and cakes, the
essential canned goods and hygiene items were completely gone. Their shelves
were completely bare while folks waited in line to select their food.  I had never seen real hungry people until my visit to HOPE. Fortunately, after my visit, The Lancaster News ran a front page
story on the needs of HOPE and their shelves were full again from the generosity
of the Lancaster folks.

Our next stop was the Greater Soup Kitchen of Lancaster on Henderson Street. My eyes were opened again by the large amount of
unemployed young men, mostly black, that were just wondering around. This facility is clean, tidy, well run, and the food was healing with God’s love. There were many children who were not only eating, but being taught basic table
manners, learning how to use a knife and fork, and not to eat with their fingers or licking their plates and bowls. What an experience this was.
Our last stop was the Catawba Council on Aging in Rock Hill where they serve a hot meal to
150 or so folks every day except Sunday. The needy were in wheelchairs, walkers,
crutches, with some arriving in vans from all over York County, just for one
meal that most likely will be there only hot meal for the day.

The needs of the hungry and poor are enormous in our area. While our government states the
recession is over, recovery is in full swing, and employment is up, I am not convinced by the realities of my visits.

This October, please, fill your jars with dimes, quarters, dollars, and checks. Dimes for Hunger are dependent on your financial support. On Sunday, October 26th, please return your completely filled jars to church. We will accept any loose change, dollars, or checks.  Thank you
for your continued support.

Stewardship Committee

Simplicity and Celebration”

This year’s Stewardship campaign hits close to home, in my cluttered closets and garage and
among the towering bins of my bonus room. I’m sure many of you empathize.

“Simplicity and Celebration” speaks to all of us about our physical and spiritual lives. It
encourages you to simplify, discover the joy of generosity, and celebrate. It’s comparable to the emotion of cleaning out your junk draw(s) – from despair to focus and determination to pure joy.

Things just work better when they are simple. We are going to apply simplicity to your religious life in suggesting you pray, rest and find peace. Focus on what is most
important, let go of things that are not. As our minister, the Reverend Bill Johnson, tells us over and over again, you have to have yourself in order before you can effectively help others.

We feel “Simplicity and Celebration” is an excellent message to take us into the Advent season and hope you will join us the first two Sundays in November. Also at that time we
will present the 2015 VWPC budget.

— Julie Graham & the Stewardship Committee

Simple Gifts

“Simple Gifts” is a Shaker song written and composed in 1848 by Elder Joseph Brackett. We are going to sing it during our Stewardship campaign.

Original lyrics to the song are:

‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free

‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,

And when we find ourselves in the place just right,

‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gained,

To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed,

To turn, turn will be our delight,

Till by turning, turning we come ’round right.

Notes of Interest

on the Happenings of the Church


  • The first Afternoon Tea was such a fun event and plans are being made for next year’s. We had over 100 in attendance and the silent auction of the baskets was a huge success. $3,720 was raised and has been used to pay down the balance of the mortgage on the fellowship hall/kitchen/restrooms addition.


  • The Strengthening Committee had an enjoyable movie afternoon, showing “Heaven is for Real,” on Sunday, October 19th in the McSpadden Fellowship Hall.


  • Members of the Presbyterian Women had a fun time in Montreat, North Carolina, for their annual retreat from September 22nd to 24th. The theme was “Garden Getaway, Where Women Walk with God,” led by Pat Oglesby and Laine Ardrey.



Treasurer Report

2014 General Fund Budget             = $116,220.00

Week 39


1st Quarter (January – March)                     = $   27,840.00

2nd Quarter (April – June)                             =       31,149.37

3rd Quarter (July – September)                  =       26,131.50

Received through Week 39                         = $   85,120.87

Needed each week                                                            =         2,235.00

Needed at Week 39                                        =       87,165.00

Behind Adopted Budget at Week 26       =         1,744.13


Expenditures UNDER Giving Amount     = $   2,576.56


2014 Building Fund Outstanding Pledges = $3,890.00


Over the last quarter, we have paid the principal loan balance down by $10,000 through funds received as donations, memorials, honorariums and the proceeds from the Afternoon Tea.


As of October 22, 2014, the principal loan balance is $39,496.48.


If you wish to give to the Building Fund, please indicate on your check “Building Fund”.



Pew Envelopes


Those who contribute in cash are encouraged to use the pew envelopes in order to be credited for your contributions. Pew envelopes are available and you can pick up a supply from the basket in the vestibule.


As church treasurer, I want to thank you for your continued faithful support in the ministry of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.


– Linda Vaughan










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