Mission Statement

The mission of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church is to provide the congregation and the community with opportunities to experience the presence of God through worship, Christian fellowship, study, prayer, mission and ministries of compassion.

We will accomplish this mission:

  1. in the worship of God through Jesus Christ;
  2. providing opportunities for Christian education and growth for people of all ages;
  3. providing opportunities for, and encouraging the participation in outreach activities to all in need of the knowledge, comfort and love of Jesus Christ;
  4. offering pastoral care for those members and non-members of our faith community;
  5. remaining ecumenically connected in worship and mission to the congregations in our community;
  6. preserving, maintaining and improving the physical facilities of the church to absorb future growth and opportunities for Christian service;
  7. creating a climate of thankfulness for the blessings of life and generosity in giving to the mission and shared ministries of our church.